Betting on the World Cup 2022

How to bet on the World Cup 2022

2022 FIFA World Cup is an event that practically catches everyone’s attention, not just fans, but also for those people who like sports and who, once every four years, have the possibility of watching the best of international soccer.

Therefore, betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022 could be so exciting for anyone who loves sports. Here, we have some tips for you to get ready for betting on the World Cup 2022. Keep reading and find out how to bet on the major international football funn88 event.

World cup 2022

How to bet on the soccer World Cup 2022

Betting during a soccer or soccer World Cup is a lot of fun, if you do it in the right place, for your safety, and with responsibility. Keep in mind that you should never risk your money on a single bet, you cannot forget that nothing is totally safe in the world of soccer.

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You can be one hundred percent convinced that the team you selected will win the game but, as soccer is unpredictable, you can find yourself fun 88 with unexpected results. This has happened and will continue to happen in the World Cups.

World Cup 2022 betting tips


If you are one of those people who like the feeling of betting money on soccer, you can make a monthly money reserve, without the bets you will make affecting your budget or your financial plans.

One of the first things you should know about betting on a World Cup is where you can get a cash refund when you place a bet, or where you might receive a free percentage on your wager.

Generally, bets are placed in town, but, if you delve a little into the world of online betting, you can make a lot more money than you might imagine.

Some bookmakers offer promotional codes that allow you to save a lot of money on your bets. For example, if you make a cash deposit into the account you are going to bet with, you will get discounts of 20% and even much more.

You must think carefully and clearly determine what type of bet you want to place on the World Cup 2022 and what payouts you will get if you are a winner.

The bets on the World Cup 2022 not only include those linked to the winning team, but also on which player will score the next goal, or how many goals each team will have scored in the first half or how many they will have scored at the end of the match and many more variants.

Want to know more tips for betting on the World Cup 2022? Keep reading!

The payout you will receive as winnings from your bets will be according to the type of play you have made. You have to try to keep a certain balance in the risks and consider the maximum number of factors that can influence the decision.

This will allow you to increase the probabilities of one or several successes to win the bets.

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The money that is paid when placing a bet is the most important data when placing a bet and you must consider that the bookmakers offer higher payouts depending on the bet you have chosen. If you choose a more complex game, you can receive a higher prize.

For example, if you believe that a certain player will score a goal in the first half of the match or that he will score at the end of the match and you make the play based on this, you will be increasing the value of the bet.

It is necessary to keep in mind that a World Cup 2022 is a competition that takes place once every four years and there are millions and millions of fans around the world who will be watching for a whole month of its development and outcome.

Knowing the details of the participating teams, their histories and achievements, and who are their players and what are their sporting conditions will significantly increase your chances of success.

You should know, for example, that the Brazilian team has been champion 5 times, has played in 7 finals, has been among the top 4 in the world 11 times, is the top scorer and has won a World Cup every 10 years.

Germany also has a history of winning the World Cup. Of the 18 times it has participated, 12 have finished in the top 3. It has been runner-up in 2002, bronze in 2006 and 2010, and champion in 2014.

Spain is always present in the betting and is a firm candidate, even though it has won only one World Cup.

The same happens with France, with many possibilities in all the matches they play. And the same goes for emerging teams such as Nigeria and Australia, among many others, which deserve to be paid attention to. Therefore, they can be included on the betting you might make.

Even tough, you must be reasonable in all your analysis. Put all the data at your disposal on the scale and when you have clearly determined your choices, place your bets for the World Cup 2022.

Glossary of sports betting terms

The basic bet is always to bet on which team will win or if the game will end in a draw, but there are also countless other sports betting options available on gambling sites.

As we have analyzed the most used markets, we have created a sports betting glossary for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which you can review at any time to guide you with your bets.

  2. 1X / X2 / 12 - This bet will allow us to play on a double option. Home draw, away draw or home or away. It is a bet that gives 66.6% of victory, always pays a lower odd, although it increases the possibility of victory.
  4. No draw bet - You can bet on home or away winner. If the match ends in a draw, you will be refunded the amount bet.
  6. Handicap - When we have a favorite team with incredibly low odds, we can give that team a fictitious advantage in the scoreboard, as if they started the game losing by 1 goal difference (there are variables of this bet). Thus, that team will have to win by at least 2 goals for the bet to be won. On the other hand, the odds are much better (although with lower odds).
  8. In this type of bet, we have the Asian handicap and the European handicap, where in the first one we have the possibility of return in some situations of whole handicaps (-1 for example) and in the second one we win or lose the bet.
  10. Plus and minus goals - An option that can become very lucrative is the bet on goals in a soccer match. In this type of bet you do not have to bet on the winner, but on whether the game will have few or many goals.
  12. The most common bets are on over and under 2.5 goals in the match, although in games where you think a lot of goals could be scored, an option of over or under 3.5 or 4.5 goals is highlighted.
  14. Both teams score - The name itself explains the bet. You can opt for the if both teams will score or not.

What are the best strategies to bet on soccer?

There are many ways to place our sports bets. While some bettors play only on goals, others bet on more complicated markets such as corners.

Some bettors tend to specialize in certain soccer betting strategies such as the combined bets, which considerably increase the winnings in a game, multiplying the odds by the amount invested.

In other cases, sports bettors get carried away by the famous Tipsters, who analyze the teams in depth in order to draw out the odds of victory that one team may have against another.

In any case, we recommend you checking the expert forecasts for the World Cup 2022 prepared by our specialists at Fun 88, with high accuracy averages, where you will be able to place bets with good odds to multiply your money.

Are you a conservative bettor or a risky bettor? It does not matter; the most important thing is to always win and never bet on hunches. Soccer is somewhat predictable, so sometimes statistics play a lot in favor of bettors.

You do not know what your betting profile is, it does not matter either, as there are many manuals where you can discover your betting profile. However, what is important is to choose a good bookmaker to do so. In our recommended bookmakers for betting, you will find the one that suits your needs.

How to deposit and withdraw money

You are reading this for three reasons. It may be that you are already a gambler and wish to deepen your knowledge of betting.

It could also be that you do not know anything about betting and want to get into this interesting world. Finally, there is also the possibility that you came here looking for a guide to be able to place the best bets for the planetary appointment.

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